Hey everyone. My name is Abraham Martinez. I recently finished background painting duties at Titmouse inc. for a show called Motorcity. It was so much fun working with so many creative and talented peeps. What a great experience! The BG’s posted up top are of the Burner’s hangout called Jacob’s Place. I was lucky enough to get to bring the fun on these amazing layouts with the direction of Chris Prynoski and Antonio Canobbio.  That painting at top right is what Jacob’s almost looked like. Cool but it still wasn’t right. It needed “More fresh styles!!” So After a couple tweaks, a great call on a color shift and some more awesome MC graffiti, the painting on top left is what you see on the show. Cool story bro!

Major credit goes to the layout artists on the show:  Brandon Cuellar, Roger Oda, Khang Le, Kirk Shinmoto, Angela Sung, Connie Wong, Arthur Loftis, Tim Ridley and Tec Manalac.

I’ll be posting more work soon and will also be posting links to the amazing artist I was able to work with. But in the meantime here is a link to my blogger where you can find some of my other work. Thanks for lookin!